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Reliable Probate and Family Mediation Services




Hi, I am Lucia Galante Johnson, M.S. FHD, DRPA. and owner of Probate Mediation Services.

Since opening my doors,  I am committed to facilitating probate & family law mediation

services with compassion, and understanding as well as providing a safe space

to allow families to find solutions and stay out of court.




As a Senior Mediator. I have supplied professional service to over 400 clients in the areas of division of real and personal property, guardianships (care for minors),

conservatorships (care for adults and seniors), visitations schedules for both probate

and divorce, parenting plans, custody items, spousal support, and trust and will disputes. 










My mission at Probate Mediation Services is simple: to provide

a professional and supportive place where families can discuss issues and concerns

regarding probate and family matters. 

Educated at Loyola Law School - Center for Conflict Resolution. 

Appointed as a board member to the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA)

A Premiere-Featured Mediator on

Panelist on First Court

Advance Training though Breer Family Law Program

A Masters Degree in Family and Human Dynamics along with Diversity Training and

Social-Emotional dialogue has allowed me to be of better assistance to families experiencing challenges in their relationships.  




Here are some areas where Probate Mediation Services can be of assistance: 

  1.  It is difficult when families are mourning the loss of a loved one and yet there are disputes on what that loved one intended in a will, trust, or regarding personal property.

  2. It is a challenge when a minor is unable to be cared for by a parent and another family member or friend needs to step in and file for guardianship

  3. Divorce is always difficult even if both parties are amicable.  There are many decisions to be made. How to distribute property? What are custody concerns? Who will the children spend vacations with? A conversation in mediation may provide clarity to these issues. 

  4. Your precious mother or father is ill maybe with dementia, Alzheimer's, bed-bound, or other physical or mental challenges where a family member needs to assist on legal matters.

  5. Wondering how the role of child support or spousal support may impact a divorced couple and what are some options that can be discussed that are a win-win scenario for the couple. 




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Judge Susan Gill
Family Law Court

You provide essential service to our

self-represented parties.

I am happy you are here. 

Commissioner Andew Kendall
Probate Court

You saved my bacon. Keep up the good work. I may not have cases on my calendar anymore.

Sara Campos, Executive Director

Loyola Law School Center

for Conflict Resolution

You  are an amazing mediator! Thanks for your help today with the probate case. 


310 251-9070

Thanks for submitting!

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